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The 2014 WEC’s last dance… a samba, of course!

Interlagos, otherwise known as Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, has frequently hosted...

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The healing benefits of fermented cod liver oil

(NaturalNews) With what seems like hundreds of new supplements coming out on the...

Republicans sue Obama Administration for massive taxpayer-funded payouts to health insurance companies

(NaturalNews) House Republicans have filed suit against the administration in D.C....

Four workers die from chemical leak at Texas DuPont plant with history of repeat violations

(NaturalNews) Four people, including two brothers, recently died when a chemical...

CPS kidnaps sick infant after doctors injected her with dangerous vaccine against parents' wishes

(NaturalNews) The time may be now to hold an official funeral for the death of freedom...

Three things the government doesn't want you to know about Obamacare

(NaturalNews) Just when you think that you have heard all that you can possibly...

GMO victory: European states free to 'opt out' of biotechnology

Three effective home remedies for sore throats

New solar technology transforms smartphones and windows into eco-friendly energy sources

In Illinois, 2 people sign up for food stamps for every 1 person who finds a job

Start your pre-resolution conditioning for New Year's Day 2015

Malware already in place to bring down entire U.S. infrastructure - sources

Biotech study claims GMOs completely safe for mammals - study took place over the course of just three months

Why 3D printing is the ultimate game-changing technology for freedom, self-reliance and the spread of democracy

GMO corn plantings lead to death of 37 million bees in Canada

Ebola blood samples stolen in Guinea; this is how terrorists can easily acquire the bioweapon

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Obama golfs with Jeter in Vegas

President Obama has traded GOP rancor and late-fall temperatures in Washington for a golf outing with Derek Jeter at the nicest golf resort in Las Vegas. read full article

For Clinton Democrats, end of pre-campaign concerns

The stated purpose for a meeting of pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats in New York on Friday was simple: Recap the last year and discuss 2014 lessons that will apply in 2016's presidential election. ...

Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories, accusations

An investigative report prepared by the House Intelligence Committee finds little to support questions raised about CIA actions on the ground in Benghazi, Libya, the night of a deadly 2012 attack on the...

Gruber contradicts Obama's Obamacare promise

In recent comments by one of the men who helped draft Obamacare, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, contradicts promises the President made when crafting the law. read full article

Graham: Shame on GOP over immigration

A key Republican senator chastised his House GOP colleagues Sunday for failing to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. read full article

GOP's Graham: Benghazi report 'full of crap'

Big-business lobbyists want Obama to work on immigration

Guiliani: Black-on-black crime the real problem

Obama on 2016: 'I've got dings' and Americans want 'that new car smell'

No deal reached on Iran nuclear program; talks to resume

Obama donor faces sex-abuse charges

UVA suspends frats amid rape allegations

12-year-old with air gun dies in Cleveland police shooting

Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations

White House extends U.S. combat role in Afghanistan into 2015

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Harry Potter producer: 'JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts script is wonderful'

David Heyman has shed more light on the Harry Potter spin-off's progress read full article

Christmas Books 2014: best cookbooks to read

Forget austerity, this year's cookery writers offer up indulgent baking and spices aplenty, says Sameer Rahim read full article

Lily Allen, O2, Glasgow: 'more than alright, still'

After a four-year break, Lily Allen showed the UK what we had been missing, says Matthew Magee read full article

Sir Cliff Richard: How BBC worked with police before - and after - controversial raid

Documents reveal full extent of co-operation between police force and the BBC, which broadcast live from search of veteran entertainer's home read full article

Christmas Books 2014: best gift books

Iona McLaren revels in an eclectic mix of trivia, anthologies and handsomely reprinted classics read full article

Beyoncé's 7/11 'selfie' music video: her most personal yet

One Direction clean up at American Music Awards 2014

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, review

Olly Murs, Never Been Better, review: 'old-fashioned tunefulness'

Taylor Swift at AMAs 2014: 'music is valuable'

Freddie Mercury, The Great Pretender: a Life in Pictures

Mary J Blige, The London Sessions, review: 'a transatlantic adventure'

Sting tries to save Broadway musical by joining cast

Bob Geldof: Buy Band Aid 30 single...then delete it

Mockingjay: 2014's Biggest Debut But Games' Lowest

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